It’s pretty common to say that there are some couples that are just meant for each other. In Stephen and MJ’s case, they are definitely meant for each other. From their sense of humor to their loyalty and care for others, it just makes sense that they ended up husband and wife. 🙂

Georgia granted us a beautiful November fall day with crisp wind and bushels of sunshine. However, the good weather paled in comparison to the bride and groom’s wide grins and joyful laughter. I honestly haven’t seen two people more happy to get married – and I’m SO glad I was able to photograph that for them!

Congratulations Stephen and MJ!!! Enjoy!

Her dress was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n.

Then onto the groom and groomsmen…

Stephen smiles a lot, but I don’t think he stopped grinning the entire day. 🙂

THEY HAD A FIRST LOOK AND IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!! Definitely one of my favoritest wedding moments ever. 🙂

So much happy.

One of MJ and Stephen’s reoccurring poses throughout their entire relationship is the American Gothic pose. What would their wedding day be without recreating that shot? 🙂

We had lots of time before the ceremony began, so we took plenty of photos!


Sisters. 🙂

The girls gathered around MJ to pray over her…

…And the ceremony began!

Seeing his bride walk down the aisle…

And they were MAN AND WIFE!!!

After they exited, the wedding guests went to the Reception while we snuck out and took more couple photos! (I was in couple photo heaven)

– The Reception –

Cutting the cake

So Stephen didn’t realize that once you cut the cake, you feed each other. Because of that, he decided to eat his slice of cake himself!

Then he realized what happened.

And then the tradition continued. ^_^

All too soon, it was time to depart

Congratulations again, Stephen and MJ! You two are amazing people and I know God has many good plans ahead of you both.

Chrissy <><

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