Cheeto Juice, jaw-droppingly gorgeous locations, Hey Brother, pugs, and excellent taste in apparel all came together for Kathryn and Richard’s wedding day in rural Pennsylvania – and it was glorious.

One of the best parts of photographing fellow PHCers’ weddings is that I’ve had the opportunity to watch them grow and develop as a couple. From the moment Kathryn and Richard started dating, I think everyone’s response was “Yep. Perfect.” They complete each other so well, call each other upwards, and from a photographer’s view, look smashingly great together as a couple. 😉

Thank you for letting us capture your beautiful day, Kathryn and Richard! We enjoyed every moment of it and wish you both joy and blessings the rest of your lives.

(And if you’re curious about Cheeto Juice, just know none was actually consumed at the wedding and that it’s apparently tastes just like it sounds.)

The best white board game plan I’ve ever seen.

I love how this “attack” went from this charge…

…to this hug. XD

More hugs abounded

Ceremony time!

They’re married!!!

We hopped over from the ceremony location to the reception venue and continued taking formal shots. I cannot tell you how happy these shots make me – everyone was absolutely ROCKING it!

The inside of the reception barn, Springside Barn, was AMAZING. I walked in and literally started gawking. Hanging ferns complemented the beautiful wood and sparkly lights, there were numerous doors letting in buckets of natural light, and the temperature inside was perfect for dancing the night away. Hands down one of the prettiest reception venues I’ve been to!

While the ladies did the traditional bouquet toss, the men participated in a Pug Chuck. Completely Kathryn and Richard, completely adorable.

We snuck away for a few more sunset photos after time dancing, and I was in heaven. The light, the fields, the pond, the bride & groom – all of it was a photographer’s dream.

All too soon, it was time for the evening to come to an end with cheers and sparklers

Congratulations again, Richard and Kathryn!! God Bless you both.

Chrissy <><

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