I love weddings. There is so much excitement buzzing in the air and so much joy on everyone’s face. Yesterday, I attended David and Rachelle’s wedding, and enjoyed every single minute of it! From the radiant bride to the exuberant groom to the animated audience, their wedding was one filled to the brim with smiles and well wishes. 
I brought my camera, but was so caught up in the events of the day that I only snapped a few pictures – hope you enjoy them! 
They both saved their very first kiss until their wedding day. 
The cake and the toasts
*Gasp!* Where are they taking the presents??? 😉
Mr. and Mrs.!!!
 And just like that, they were married and off on their honeymoon.
Meanwhile, the rest of us were being entertained by the bubbles…
Then the boys joined
This little darling LOVED the bubbles! Her laugh was so sweet~
And sometimes, it’s the smallest, simplest things in life that make me the most happy.
Congratulations David and Rachelle! I pray that God will bless your lives as you start on your new journey together.

Chrissy <><

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