“No Matter What” 5/26/18

Alexandra and Danny’s wedding was filled to the brim with love and fantastic people (there was also an abundance of heat, but that wasn’t quite as welcome 😉 ). Joy sprung from every person present, but I don’t think anyone could top the bride! Alexandra didn’t stop smiling, laughing, and bouncing from the moment she walked into the church to the last few shoeless photos in the beautiful wheat field. I felt so privileged to be a part of such a joyful day – thank you Danny and Alexandra for the opportunity to capture your wedding. You two are wonderful human beings and I believe you will be perfect partners for life.

Congratulations to you both! Enjoy the photos!


I love how they toasted with dixie cups XD

Alexandra preparing Danny’s gift…

Danny writing and receiving Alexandra’s gift

Alexandra reading and opening Danny’s gift.

Time for the ceremony!

Moments before they entered….


I wish I could take credit for the photo below, but my amazing husband actually snapped it. He’s a keeper.

Reception time!

I love how they enjoyed their day to the fullest – including getting on the swings!!

Before the day ended, we decided to slip away for one more set of photos. I’m SO glad we did – the grass plus the storm clouds and their never-ending smiles were the perfect way to end the afternoon.


Congratulations again, you two! May God bless you and keep you all the days of your life. <3



Chrissy <><

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