I was absolutely thrilled to return to New Mexico over Memorial Day weekend in order to capture Andrew and Alicia’s wedding celebration! Their attention to detail and dedication to their loved ones was phenomenal. Memories of previous family weddings materialized in pictures, a wedding crown, and even the wrap around the bride’s bouquet. Scores of people came from all over the country to witness the union of two amazing people and New Mexico blessed us with perfect wedding weather.

Andrew and Alicia’s wedding was a huge testimony of the large impact kindness has. Every person I talked to had nothing but praise for the bride and groom. They all gave me story after story of Andrew and Alicia’s generosity and devotion. Weddings usually leave me physically exhausted. but the McCartney wedding also left me with a full heart.

Congratulations to you both, Andrew and Alicia! We are all so happy for you and the beginning of your lives together.


The beautiful bride!

And the dashing groom

There wasn’t a good place for all the men to get ready at the same time, so they ended up using the reflection of windows to tie their ties. 🙂

Andrew and Alicia didn’t have a first look, but they did want to pray together before their wedding ceremony. They met around a corner of the building and blind-folded Andrew just in case he accidentally caught a glimpse of Alicia. 🙂

Father’s first look <3

Then it was ceremony time!

They did it! Mr. and Mrs. McCartney!

And there was much rejoicing 🙂

Reception time!

First dance as husband and wife

Then came toasts!

We sneaked away from the festivities to capture some sunset pictures in the golf course. The sunset was divine and the couple was absolutely amazing. <3

Then it was cake time!



Instead of tossing out her bouquet, Alicia handed each single lady a paper rose and a prayer.

And then there was much dancing….

But all too soon, it was time for them to depart…

…and away they went!

Congratulations again, Andrew and Alicia! God Bless.

Chrissy <><

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