I never thought Star Wars and Fairy Tales went together, but after photographing Aaron and Elisabeth’s wedding, the combination makes complete and total sense. Both genres have tales of heroes and heroines, epic battles and weaponry, challenges and achievements, and a beautiful love story. (I could go on for a little bit about how much more I like Han and Leia over Episode II’s love story, but that’s really off-topic and doesn’t have much to do with Aaron and Elisabeth’s wedding, so I’ll move on).

Aaron and Elisabeth’s summer wedding was a combination of literary references and romantic gestures. From the piles of books on the reception tables to the epic swords we incorporated into their photos, I couldn’t think of a more fitting setting for the two of them. Watching so many people come together and celebrate the union was a testament to who they are and the quality of their character, and I was honored to be with them through it all.

Congratulations again on your marriage, you two! Enjoy the highlights below from your wedding day!

These guys were so. much. fun. to photograph!

Instead of having a full first look, we decided to blindfold Aaron so that they could still meet beforehand and pray together in the stillness of the morning.

Daddy/Daughter First Look <3

Ready for the ceremony to begin!

One of the best groom reactions I’ve ever watched through my lens

They’re married!!!

“What would you do in a battle?” *Groomsmen push Josh towards the swords*

Reception time!!

After much dancing and many waffles later, it was time to send the bride and groom off with a tossing of lavender!

After the lavender dust settled, we shook the remaining buds from our hair and met up down the road to take some couple portraits in the golden light. I’m SO glad we did this afterwards because it gave us all a chance to enjoy the photos without worrying about a timeline!

Had to include the ones of Jane because I can’t stop laughing XD

Congratulations again, you two!! God bless you both.

Photography: Captured! Photography
Bridal bouquet: Sponseller’s Flower Shop
Seamstress: Melissa Purnell
Bridal hair stylist & makeup artist: Graciella Wilk
Venues: Sterling Park Baptist Church & Blue Ridge Bible Church
Videography: Erin Curd


Christine <><

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