After a year of waiting, it finally happened. I got to see my older brother and his family again!!!
We had a marvelous time visiting, shopping, talking, playing, teasing, reminiscing, and more with each other.
Here’s just a sample of all the fun things we did during the time of our stay. Enjoy the pictures!
Girls go shopping!                                                            Our scrumptious dessert
                     Pool Time!                                                             Cooking in the kitchen with Emma… 🙂
One of the creations we put together
The round of poker in which I died within 5 minutes.
I took Ezri on a mini photo shoot!
The Boys
Erik and Emma
Took Ezri on a night photo shoot!
Guess what we got them for Roxas’ birthday??
They had a BLAST on the trampoline!
Then we found a frog…
The “Gone with the Wind” shot
Kung Fu!
Pleeeease Aunty Chris???
Made some cookies
“What! That was MINE!”
Family Shoot!
The Roxas Wrangler
My Fav!
We also went Bowling!
Dig the shoes?
The Three Stooges/The Roe Kids
Thank you so much for a wonderful time, Erik and Emma! Josh and I had a blast, and we can’t wait to see you all next year.

Chrissy <><

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