Walking through the stores and seeing Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise already for sale is just another reminder that my summer is drawing to a close.  Although it’s rather sad that the lazy summer days are getting smaller and smaller in number, it’s also exciting that the start of school and its rigorous schedule is coming up so fast.
So I’ve made sure that I filled the golden days with plenty of activities!  Here are some glimpses of the wonderful times I’ve had this past week.
Brandon’s party before he left for college.
Note the strangeness of our clothing.  No, we do not necessarily attend parties dressed in crowns and feather boas, but in fact, we were not ourselves that evening.  We were each a different character, trying to unravel the strange mystery behind the uncanny “murder” of…
Who could have committed this crime? Through a series of questions and answers, deep thinking, and our excellent detective skills, we found our man.  The “Murderer” was none other than the fraudulent, slimy Dr. Jade – owner and operator of a fake hair tonic.
I also spent time scrapbooking!
Yes, I’m still pumped about camp. 🙂
While watching Inception, we got true surround sound during one of the shooting scenes.  What we though was gunfire actually turned out to be fireworks going off in a nearby park.
Another summer party with some pretty awesome people!
I told them to look intimidating….
These two girls make me laugh until my sides hurt. 🙂
That about wraps up my week! What did you all do end your summer?

Chrissy <><

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