Summer Camp. The most stupendous, amazing, and awesome two weeks ever! Not only did I have a great time learning more about law and court, but I made some friendships and memories that will last for a long time. And I have pictures to prove it! 🙂
Yes I took about 10 billion pictures – but don’t worry! I tried not to overwhelm you with them all, but picked out the highlights of the camp.
We took off during sunrise.  The beauty of the warm sun beams sifting through the fluffy clouds literally took my breath away. It was beautiful – and so worth getting up at 2am. 🙂
We arrived! The campus was beautiful!
My wing mates and me at 6 am. Studying hard – after cleaning our room to perfection!  I think we were pretty dedicated and studious – don’t you agree?
We went on two field trips – this one was to Washington D.C.
Outside the American History Museum
Yes you must *evil laugh*
Our second field trip was to Harpers Ferry. A lovely trip, but just like D.C. It was HOT.
Waiting to eat some delicious homemade ice cream – just the thing to cool you off that day.
My Group
After seeing Laurie like this, I decided to try it out too!
And got this:
Skipping rocks
Comment: Boys…..
This was the only picture I got of the hike up the mountain.  I have some after-pictures of some of the hikers, and the only description I will give you is that we weren’t allowed to go into the river.  But it looked like we jumped in. 😛
The counselors put on a skit for us. 
“And we never saw him again.”
Singing “Happy Birthday” to Betsy – in Chinese!
Maggie and Drew
Sophia and her gun (app)
A good Skit on Lessons in Texting. ;-D
Comment: Boys…..
The Camper’s Favorite Sport: WALLYBALL!!!
Everyone loved playing it and begged for it everyday.  By the end of camp, almost everyone was a pro.
There were other sports too!
Such as kickball…
The Question Game
One day we just had rounds upon rounds of card games such as Egyptian Rat Slap (Camp Card Game), 21, Spoons, Heart Attack, and War.
We also had a Talent Show. The night ranged from outstanding talent to just plain silliness. Such as a whole dance imitating Chandler to cheeseburgers to singing about a gourd’s umbilical equivocal….

Braden and his many naps during the course of the two weeks….
We dubbed ourselves to be “Team Crush.” Yes, we were awesome. 😉
Even with all the fun throughout camp, we still had time to become professional attorneys.
My team even made it to the Championship Round! Gooooo Orange Crush! 🙂
But then, all too soon, it was time to say good bye.
It was a beautiful morning
Comment: Boys….. 🙂
Good Bye!
Ok, I can’t end without a few…. OUTTAKES!
Hope your summer was just as fantastic as mine!

Chrissy <><

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