I went to my brother’s soccer game to take pictures! The weather was perfect, and memories of “the good ol’ days” of playing soccer came back to me and I wanted to play again… although I was never too much of a good soccer player. 🙂
I know this is a “bad” picture because it’s fuzzy, but I laughed out loud when I saw it.
Ohhh, now I know why I wasn’t a good player. I wasn’t flexible enough. 🙂
It’s grueling work… and dirty work.
Guess which one is my brother… lol!
The Blue Fusion!
They won!!! (I must be good luck… on the sidelines. 🙂
And a few days later I went to go see Rebekah play in her volleyball game! It was the first volleyball game I’ve ever been to, and it was fun!
I love feet…
Go Rebekah!
They won! Maybe I *am* good luck! 🙂
Then we went to the high school where they had a bonfire going
And the cheerleaders did a hilarious cheer
Rebekah and I!
And my favorite picture:
Have a happy weekend! More posts coming up, I promise!

Chrissy <><

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