I’m Seventeen.
I remember when I was younger looking up at all those “Old People” and thinking, “I’ll NEVER be that old! Not for a million years at least!!!”
I guess I’m a million years old now. 🙂
So to start off the “new year”, I’ve posted 17 of my loves. Hope you enjoy them!
I Love…
1. The United States of America.
I’m so thankful for the country God allowed me to live in, for our freedom, and for the people who gave their lives so that I’m free.
2. My Family
Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You’ve guided me, trusted me, helped me, provided for me, taught me, cared for me, and loved me. 
I love you. 
3. Awesome Places
Awesome places + Awesome people = Awesome times. 🙂
4. Special Events
Any event where I can dress up and take pictures is special to me!
5. Friends
I wish I had one picture of all the friends in my life. (I think it would be rather hard to assemble people from 15 different states!) So to all of you out there: Thank you for your lovely memories and wonderful friendship. I’ll treasure them my whole life.
6. Self-Explanatory.
7. Christmas
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
8. Children
Smiles, giggles, little fingers, precious toes….
9. Old Buildings
Ahhh, the fun of taking pictures of peeling paint…
10. Sunsets
Oranges, purples, pinks and reds! Loveliness painted across the sky.
11. Little Animals
Balls of fur that squeak and have chubby cheeks?? Absolute CUTENESS!
12. Bokeh
Love. Love. Love.
13. FEET!
Need I say more?
14. Sweets
If you ever want to get on my good side….
15. Music
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord….
16. Beautiful Landscape
 In my opinion, some parts of California are glorified deserts. My town happens to be one of them, and I don’t mind! 🙂
17. The Beach
One of the best places to be on God’s earth. I’m so happy to be a Californian.
So that’s just a peak into my bucket full of “loves”.
A bit random, spread out, and quirky – that’s me!

Chrissy <><

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