I’m back – and with lots and lots of pictures! By the end of the trip, many people were quite tired of my photo-taking-frenzy. 🙂 We had a great trip, made many memories, and had a wonderful time. The pictures also include Days 5-10 for my 365 Challenge. So here they are, enjoy!
The view from my window when I woke up each morning…
Our wonderful chef!
Lovely pumpkins!
There were so many stars! I have never seen so many in my whole life!
Madison taught us all how to do the “Wizard of Oz” dance
Does this picture look familiar?
Last year’s Road Trip. 🙂
Penny taught us how to line dance – it was so much fun!
Katherine’s first taste of Dr. Pepper. I think you can tell by her expression what she thought of it. 🙂
By the last day we were quite exhausted.
It was such a great week, I can’t wait until the next Road Trip!!

Chrissy <><

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