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For those of you who don’t know, Reactions are at the bottom of blog posts that let the author know how you feel about that particular post. (Press the “Got it” button)

For a while now, my reactions were mysteriously gone. (Press the “Sob” button)

But now, after tweaking the settings a bit – they returned!!! (Press the “Ecstatic”, “Yahoo”, and “I’m so happy” buttons)

And to give you a real reason to press the “Love”, “Like”, or “Cool” buttons, here are a few pictures from today:

It was Valentine’s Park Day. Everyone gave candy to everyone in their grades, and had to wear pink or red. 🙂
Of course… shoes!
And a picture with me in it! (Please disregard the spotty lighting…)
And Peter sorting through all his loot candy.
Have a good Weekend!
Chrissy <><
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