I’ve decided.
I am going to give up photography and this blog.
It took me a LONG time to decide on this.  For the past few months, I’ve been feeling unsatisfied with photography.  I’ve finally realized that this isn’t my forte.  Every time I pick up my camera, I can never get enough excitement out of it.
So I’ve decided.
My new hobby is going to be chalked full of Excitement and Adventure!
I’m also going to change Captured! into a blog with just journal entries of my new hobby.
I’ve decided.
I’m going to pick up the hobby of Fishing.
I know! It sounds pretty far fetched doesn’t it?  I NEVER would have dreamed of liking Fishing over Photography, but after a fun trip with friends – I’ve really come to enjoy Fishing SO much better than taking pictures!  There’s just so much enjoyment in holding up that shining beauty when it’s still trying to escape your hook. You feel so much more in charge!  Not to mention the wonderful landscapes and sunrises you get to see in the morning. Ah – pure beauty and pure excitement.
And if  you haven’t guessed by now:
(I cannot stand worms….)

Chrissy <><

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