I cannot belive Thanksgiving was here and gone! We had a great time celebrating as a family, and spending the day together. I didn’t get too many pictures becuase I was busy talking or eating, but enjoy the few that are here!
20 Things I’m thankful for in random order:
1. God and His redemption
2. Family
3. A House and a comfy bed
4. Photography!
5. Friends
6. School and learning
7. My Church
8. Paper 🙂
9. Language
10. Good Books!
11. Cookies
12. Parents who love me
13. Amazing siblings
14. Good movies
15. Money
16. Wonderful teachers
17. Braces
18. Cute shoes
19. America and her founding fathers
20. Laptops
And the list goes on…

Hope your Thanksgiving was superb!

Chrissy <><

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