I always aim to get the best shot I can while shooting to minimize post-processing time. Sometimes though, I love going through photos in an edit-happy mode and playing around with colors, tints, shadows, and more!
So that’s what I did with this picture of Hannah. I wanted to see how many different feels I could get with this one picture, and ended up with about 10 different edits. 
Here are my top five favorites, which one is yours?
The Original Picture
Not bad, but it doesn’t stand out to me.
Edit #1
Tried to darken shadows and bring out the color in the picture.
Edit #2
Converted to black and white. It definitely has a different feel than the color version.
Edit #3
Washed out the colors. I like this one.
Edit #4
Washed out the colors even more.
Edit #5

Chrissy <><

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