I was thrilled to take pictures of Ethan before heading out for the summer! When I stepped outside, I gazed towards the sun and smiled at the beginnings of a beautiful sunset – the perfect setting for a good photoshoot. Then I turned around and was greeted by a HUGE sheet of ominous, dark blue clouds in the distance. Thankfully, the impending storm never struck during the session and I was able to snap pictures of an amazing model and friend. Thank you for letting me photograph you Ethan!
A favorite!
He brought a friend along 
LOVE this one!
Who’s winning?
.18.                                                                                   .19. 
And the traditional “Yours Truly” picture!
I knew going into this shoot that there would be many outtakes – and I was not disappointed! 😀
 We always knew his eyebrow would wriggle off eventually….. 
Thank you again Ethan! God Bless.

Chrissy <><

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