Out of the many types of photo sessions I perform, my favorite is definitely portraits, specifically senior sessions. And when my favorite type of photo session is combined with one of my favorite peoples, life just can’t get much better than that! Shooting Liesel’s senior pictures was both a joy and a blessing. To be able to capture the loveliest girl I know, to laugh with her, and to be blessed by the kindness she shows to me and every single other person who knows her was all absolute awesomeness. Congratulations on reaching your Senior Year Liesel!
The Firemen at this station got a laugh out of scaring me half to death by suddenly opening the huge doors I was standing beside. 🙂
Her smile makes me smile. 🙂
LOVE this one!
In Thought
Yours Truly!
The Outtakes!!!
Congratulations again Liesel! God Bless.

Chrissy <><

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