The Class of 2011 Awards Ceremony.
In a mixture of emotions, I watched as all my friends filled up on stage to receive their awards, their faces shining with a smile a mile wide spread across their face. All the memories that we’ve shared together flashed across my mind as I saw them accept their cords and medals for hard work in High School.
I wish all you Seniors the best! I’m gonna miss you horribly, but I am so excited for what lies ahead for you all. Continue being awesome, fantastic, and tremendously fun! Most importantly, I pray you’ll all continue to follow in Him and let Him guide your path through your life.
Enjoy the pictures!
Time of praise
Receiving their stoles
“Do Hard Things” awards
I think he was a bit stunned after receiving his second scholarship. Congrats Brandon!
Having fun with the decorations
Congratulations again everyone! Can’t wait to see you all at Graduation!

Chrissy <><

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