Soft skin, puckered lips, precious hands and feet—photographing newborns has to be my new favorite thing! While many newborns are adorable, Luke had to be one of the most perfect little babies I’ve seen. He enjoyed the session without a fuss and even wanted to stay awake for most of it. 😉 He also had a big sister named Selah, a bundle of energy who was still getting used to the idea of a new baby in the family, but who would still kiss her little brother every time we asked her to. All in all, photographing Luke and his beautiful family was the best way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

Little fingers <3

He was already playing the part of a dashing gentleman!

Last but not least, Luke also made the best little puppy ever!

May God bless you and keep you, little Luke, as you explore the big world around you.


Chrissy <><

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