Between November 25 and the present, I would take breaks from editing other sessions by combing through Hannah’s Franklin Park session. I’ve been dying to share these photos with y’all, but between the holidays and other deadlines, I’ve had to wait until now.

Back in November, I messaged Hannah right after I received my new 85mm lens and was itching to try it out on someone. She was completely down for the test run and I could hardly wait until the weekend. We were blessed with CRAZY good weather in November – loads of warm sunshine and no chilly breezes. I literally had the dream day as a photographer – good weather,  new equipment, and a model that is both stunning and so much fun to hang out with. 🙂 Thanks Hannah for an amazing afternoon!

ICYMI, I also published some of my favorite shots of Hannah but edited with my Dark Roast editing style. Check it out here!

Thanks again Hannah for being an awesome model!!

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