When Hannah contacted me about a headshot photo session, I was absolutely thrilled. After taking her and her husband’s engagement pictures last fall, I knew more photos with Hannah would turn out amazingly – and I wasn’t disappointed! The best part was that she wanted mainly black and white photos, which meant the artistic side of me was elated.
Thank you for letting me take your pictures, Hannah! Enjoy!
.3.                                                                                .4.
I love her smile~
So, so stunning.
 .15.                                                                                  .16.
And Jordan decided to hop in for a few shots here and there…
When I first saw this picture, I was about to delete it since the lighting was so off. Then I decided to just give it an editing whirl, and sure enough, I was able to get a result that I absolutely love now. 
Thanks again Hannah! God Bless. 

Chrissy <><

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