I’ve had many “babies” in my lifetime – my car, my laptop, my cameras – but now Ryan and I get to count down the days until our REAL baby joins the family! May 2020 cannot come fast enough.

So what’s pregnancy been like? Everything and nothing like I had imagined. 

First trimester was about what I expected – plenty of horrendously nauseated days, exhaustion, food aversions, etc. The worst was enduring constant nausea without the ability to actually eject anything (TMI, I know, but it’s a personal blog post, right?) I remember one evening where I felt so horrible that I started crying and questioned if I ever wanted to have more children. That thought vanished the moment I started feeling better in week 15 though, so I think it’s safe to say we’re back on track for multiple kiddos. 

What I didn’t expect was the sudden rise of joy inside of me when I felt our little boy’s kicks for the first time. The excitement I felt picking out a crib sheet set. The peace of knowing that no matter what challenges or curves in the road are in store for us that we’ve been blessed with this soul to love forever. Motherhood is truly a beautiful thing… even if he does annoyingly kick my bladder at the most inconvenient times. 😛

So what does this major life change mean for photography?

Bottom line, my photography schedule has and will fluctuate, but Lord willing I will still go on with my business for years to come!

The good news is that the major first trimester hurdle is over. Crawling through those three months made me realize how much I’ve taken my energy for granted! Finishing up editing sessions from the summer of 2019 proved to be a harder task than I ever anticipated, but I’m happy to report that I eventually made it. 

So moving forward, now that I’ve gained a second-wind in the second trimester, I’ve decided to slowly book sessions until the end of March/beginning of April, then take a break until the end of August/beginning of September in order to give myself sufficient rest and bonding time with my little guy…. and hopefully enough time to figure out the basics on “Mommy-ing.” 

And for those who think 340+ days in advance, I’m even planning on opening family sessions back up in late 2020, so you can already start preparing for next year’s Christmas card photos! 😉

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this exciting time. I cannot wait to introduce you to our son and bombard you with all the newborn photos!


Christine <><

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