We were innocently walking by the Directory… when I saw out of the corner of my eye…. Sarah? Nate? What were they doing there?
They had such a startled look on their face, like they didn’t expect us to be there! Sarah pops out and yells, “SURPRISE!!!”
I was very confused. So Sarah and Nate just stood there, smiling at us, when I hear this huge yell behind me, and large group of more friends came rushing out at me! My parents had contrived a surprise party behind my back!!! How they accomplished this feat I will never know, but I am so happy that they succeeded.

Photo by Auds
Photo by Auds
Before my friends and I got to the Directory, everyone gathered at Starbucks.
Can you see my mom hiding?
Each year on my birthday, my parents would buy me a little figurine for that year. The figurines all together are a set, and the last figurine that you can get ends at the age of 16. This was my last year to receive this special gift from my parents.
One by one, different people came up with different ages, and my mom gave me the last one – 16.
Thank you Mom and Dad!!! This has been the best birthday ever.
Thank you Aunty Chris for documenting the party. I will treasure the pictures forever.
My room now… 🙂
Thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday. It was truly one of the best days I have ever had in my life – one memory that will always bring a smile to my face.

Chrissy <><
Photos by Aunty Chris and Rebekah

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