I got together with A.A. on a crisp, sunny day not only to take pictures, but also for another reason she wasn’t aware of just yet…
We hiked up the mountain to take pictures…
And I played around with the Manuel setting (I think I am going to be using it a lot more often – it’s pretty awesome and not that scary at all!)
I love this picture!!!
I checked my camera clock nervously…
We sat and chatted….
Around 4:25, I jumped up and said, “Let’s go to that little park down the street!”
A.A. said, “Can we stop by the house first?”
I said, “…ok!”
A little bit later, we walked down the sidewalk…
When “out of the blue”, people popped out from behind trees and a wall yelling, “SURPRISE!!!”
Hmm! I wonder how we timed it so perfectly! 😀
Happy Birthday A.A.!
A picnic surprise with yummy cake and brownies along with refreshing lemonade
Hiking up the mountain!
Happy Birthday A.A.! We love you!!!

Chrissy <><

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