One of the items on my Summer Bucket list is “Go to the beach 100 times.”
I’ve definitely started working towards that goal in the past few weeks! Me and a couple friends headed down to the shore yesterday for a photo shoot. It was a spectacular trip, with much sporadic laughter, jokes, ridiculous exploding ice cream cones, yummy food, and great hang out time. 

Enjoy the pictures!
Stopped at Trader Joe’s first for some snacks! Then headed to the Habit to grab dinner and our interesting ice cream cones. It was my first visit to the Habit – and it was great!
Arrived at the beach and was immediately greeted by a friend.

Probably more accurate to call him a thief though… he tried to steal Erinn’s hat!

I see you….


The tide was so high!

A bee! 

Love this one… path shots always make me happy. You look down the path and wonder what’s around the bend – it’s always a surprise.

Snack time!

The beach was so empty too. It could be partially due to the blustering wind… that almost blew me over when I tried to take this shot.


We drove down the freeway a bit until we reached the big sand dune on the side of the road. We climbed to the top – it was a HUGE mountain of sand!


The lovely sunset from the top of the hill/mountain.
Thank you both for the wonderful day! We need to do it again soon!

Chrissy <><

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