A trip to the Getty.
But it wasn’t for a field trip or photo session, but rather to celebrate  Katherine’s 16th birthday.  We had a BLAST, and here’s some pictures to prove it! 🙂 
In the tram
Once we got there, we split into two groups of four. We had a list of artwork or statues we needed to find and/or act out, and we got right to work!
Acting out this picture
McKenna – and her Caspian Horn
Till We Have Faces
Erika being graceful and blithe
We got a little tired….
A Mellon Shot
My Team
I tried to strike a “Cool Pose”, but… ended up laughing too hard. 😛
 The Getty has some awesome architecture too!
We met up again with the rest of the party
See Jonathan?
Do you still see him?
After Lunch, we rolled down a hill…
Jumped in the air…
 And learned how to wiggle our fingers! 🙂
Happy Birthday Katherine!!!

Chrissy <><

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