Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions

You don’t need a lot of photos.

You need the right photos.

Why minis?


Whether you are simply looking for a Christmas card family photo or just a few options for your headshot, mini sessions are the best way to get amazing value without breaking the bank! Plus this system allows me to offer breathtaking locations that wouldn’t otherwise be a viable option for many families (like the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Washington National Cathedral).

Personally, I’ve found that I only want a few, treasurable images from a moment in time. Now I don’t know if that’s a byproduct of my growing up in the film camera era where you only had 24 pictures from your birthday party, but I do know that we rarely use more than a few images from any given photo session. So why not offer my families the same thing I need myself?

Washington DC National Cathedral Mini Session Captured by CM LLC

Upcoming Mini Session Days

What's included in a mini session

15 Minutes

5 Retouched Images of Your Choosing

Date and Location of Photographer’s Choosing

Professional Wall Art Options Easily Available Through Online Gallery

The following list of mini sessions are not fully confirmed and will be updated if altered.


“Christine does capture the character of the person – an inside look, not just the outside.”
– Natalie


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