The other day I went to a Civil War Ball! It was fantastic – all the ladies (Belles) wore floor-length, beautiful gowns, the men were dashing in their suits and uniforms, and the food and decorations were spantacular! Not to mention there was dancing, which made the night perfect.
Enjoy the pictures!
A shot my mom got of me
 Preparing upstairs
The servants
 Lovely place setting!
Serving us
It made my day when someone said I looked like Melanie from “Gone with the Wind.”
 Lovely Kasey~
 These were SO good.
 Can’t decide….
 ~Our Lovely Host~
 And the dancing began!
 The Virginia Reel!
Took individual shots too
 Becky                                                                              Sarah
A.A.                                                                                 Shane
Rebekah                                                                          Audrey
Brandon                                                                            Lauren
We interrupt the portraits…..
Jake and Chris
  Kasey                                                                                     Me!
And there was so much more I didn’t even get pictures of. Dancing on the street, sitting by the fireside, taking a late night stroll to the park…
It was one of the best parties I’ve been to.

Chrissy <><