Everything about the Nelson’s photo made me extremely happy. I got to catch up with James and Kira, meet the adorable baby Daniel, capture fall photos before all the leaves disappeared, and walk away with a camera full of new favorite shots and memories. But the thing that probably made me the most happy was realizing that the Nelsons lived¬†right next to Nelson Street. I can’t imagine a more perfect coincidence!

Thank you for a lovely afternoon, James, Kira, and Daniel! I truly enjoyed spending the afternoon with your little family. Enjoy!

Once we finished the photos, we all agreed it was about time to get out of the frigid air and grab some coffee – and document Daniel’s expedition into Starbucks! (And no worries; no babies were given the consumption of coffee during this trip)

I think Daniel had some opinions on the coffee.

We dashed across the street for one last final shot before calling it a night. Thank you, James and Kira, for braving the frigid air and being an amazing family to photograph!


Chrissy <><

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