Sometimes I have to stand on my head, act like a chicken, or (try to) crack jokes to make people smile in a photoshoot – but not with the S. Family! From the first picture to the last, I was met with sunny smiles and cheerful laughter – even if the wind threatened to blow us over or turn us into popsicles! I loved watching the family interact; you could tell right away that they loved each other by their actions and kind words. 
It was a pleasure and joy to take your pictures, S. Family!
A fav.
They were also extremely good at soccer!
 .10.                                                                                 .11.
~Mr. and Mrs.~
The Girls
And the Boys!
With their international soccer jerseys!
Presenting: THE OUTTAKES!
Thank you S. Family! God Bless.
Chrissy <><
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