"Boom, Roasted."
Introducing a new way to customizing your Captured! photography session:

Light Roast vs Dark Roast

YOU get to chose what your end product looks like.

One photographer. One purchase. You choose the style*.



It’s the classic, default Captured! look. Clean, crisp, bright – you’ll be sure that the joy you see in your photos has an editing style to match.


  • Bright colors
  • True tones
  • An emphasis on the light



A newer editing venture, the Dark Roast invites a more serious tone to your session.


  • Deeper colors
  • Warm, golden tones
  • An emphasis on the shadows


After 10 years of taking photos, learning how to edit, running a photography business, and delivering thousands of photos, I sat back proudly and surveyed my work. I did it – I finally achieved the “look” that I had been aiming for in my journey all along. I HAD ARRIVED!

Then one fateful night soon after, I took a break from editing a wedding and played around with some Lightroom sliders, tweaked this, changed that, warmed up the photo temperature, annnnnnd BAM. I discovered a new – and completely different – edit that made my heart go thump thump.

Oh no.

Two styles stared back at me, and I didn’t know which one I liked more. My mind started racing “You don’t just throw away months of refinement and years of building a brand, Christine!” I knew it was a big “no no” for a photography business to have an inconsistent editing style because you want your clients to know what product they’re paying for. What was I to do?

Then I had an idea. I hadn’t seen it anywhere before, so either I’m jumping off a cliff or I’m blazing a new trail, but I decided to give my wild idea a shot.

YOU get to chose what your end product looks like.

One photographer. One purchase. You choose the style*.

Once I figured out my plan, all that was left to do was name the different styles. Given that I 1) am a huge coffee-lover and 2) used a coffee stain as a major part of my logo, naming the editing styles after the delicious drink seemed like the most natural conclusion.


*Please note that the default editing style for Captured! Photography is the Light Roast. In order to select the Dark Roast for your session, you must indicate that choice during the booking process of your photography session. 

Want a session completed before January 2019 re-edited with the Dark Roast? Send me an inquiry and we will see if we can make the magic happen.

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