August 4, 2013.
He popped the question at lunch while they were on a picnic. That afternoon, they had the guest list completed. That night, Facebook exploded with congratulations. 
~Jordan and Hannah got engaged~
Even though I knew them both before taking their pictures, I had a hard time placing Hannah in my mind when she called me and told me her name. I realized the reason I found it difficult was that I already assigned her Jordan’s last name all throughout the school year. 🙂 I absolutely loved capturing the love between Jordan and Hannah yesterday. Their happiness and love for each other was obvious in everything they did. Capturing them was easy – all they had to do was be themselves!
Congratulations Jordan and Hannah! So very excited to see what the Lord has in plan for you both – especially after November!
 .6.                                                                                        .7.
And their awesomeness points went up by one thousand at the end… 
Did I mention they’re just plain adorable?
 Congratulations again, Jordan and Hannah! God Bless.

Chrissy <><

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