I flopped down on the grass next to Maren one sunny afternoon at a PHC soccer game. We started chatting, during which I expressed to her how I felt I was in a photo-rut, taking the same type of photos over and over again. I shared how much I would love to just take a bunch of photos that were a completely different feel than what I normally do—something urban and heavily-edited. Maren immediately volunteered herself and Kyle for a DC excursion, and I am SO glad she did!

After a long struggle locating a parking spot on a Sunday afternoon in Washington DC, we strolled around the city block, finding locations I normally steer away from in a photo shoot. The result? A new collection of favorite photos. Jumping out of your comfort zone with two willing models is hands-down the best way to break out of a photo rut. Thank you, Kyle and Maren, for being fantastic models!

Thanks again, you two! Lets do it again soon. 🙂


Chrissy <><

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