I can’t believe we only have one photo club meeting left in this year! I had a great time at our latest club meeting this past Saturday. Our assignment was to take “black and white” pictures. I got a lot of pictures that  I love in black and white, but I have to admit that there are a few pictures in this post that I couldn’t bare to turn into B&W. It was a good learning experience though, to try to see the world around you without color.

Kristy was my unofficial model for the day!


Love this shot!



~The Threesome~



                                                                                   More Hunger Games!!!

I think this is my favorite shot of Kristy that day


Can you see what it says?

There was even a wedding going on at the park!
I’ll end with my favorite shot of the day – even if it’s not in black and white! 

Chrissy <><

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