In the 5 days of December that have already passed, I’ve been to three parties so far – 2 of them were Christmas parties! My camera and I are having a blast capturing all the memories.

Christmas presents!
Yes, this was a Christmas Present… 🙂
And we even dressed up some people like trees!
Photo by J.J.
…including me…. 🙂
Photo by J.J.
And then I went to my Photography Club’s Christmas Party!
I love snowmen!
                                                                                                              Don’t drop your camera!
We had a photo contest! Everyone had time to go take Christmas-themed pictures, and then enter two of their favorites. It was an extremely hard decision to make, but here are the top three pictures! Congrats Jodi, Chris, and Rebekah!
Hope your Christmas Season is filled to the brim with fun and good times with friends and family.

Chrissy <><

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