~The 14th Annual March Gladness Tournament~
This past weekend was my basketball league’s tournament, and it was jammed packed with games and fun times.  This was my last year playing basketball, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my high school sport. No, we didn’t win first place, but we did have a great time bonding together both in and out of game time.
Enjoy the pictures! 
(Pardon the funky lighting – gyms never seem to have the best lighting system!)
The cheering squad
Basketball Pictures…

The quality of this picture isn’t that great (since it was pulled from a movie I filmed), but it shows Justin’s reaction when he scored the winning basket. 🙂 It was a pretty intense game!

Photo Bomb!
My Cheering Buddy. Liesel and I have discovered that it’s impossible to cheer without each other. However, when we cheer together… well, let’s just say we almost had to offer ear plugs to the poor spectators around us. At least the team we cheered for said that our screaming aided them!

A spontaneous arm wrestling match sprung up

 Peter being Peter
More basketball shots

                                                                                                 Austin had some serious Team Spirit!   
 Then came the Awards Ceremony!
The Ten and Under Team
The Blue Freshman Boys
The White Freshman Boys 
The JV Girls
The JV Boys
Tommy…. 🙂

The Varsity Girls

The Varsity Boys
Our MVPs!

All of them together
Two Seniors 
It was a great tournament. I wish I could rewind a few days and live them over again.
I’ll end with my favorite shot of the weekend:

Chrissy <><

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