Family Wedding: The Happy Couple

Two beautiful people came together on June 9, 2010, to be joined together as husband and wife. I hope Blessin and Min will continue to journey through life together as happily as when they were married on...

Family Wedding: Family

What a beautiful day for my Cousin’s wedding! Here are pictures from throughout the day of family, friends, and other fun pictures.1I told them to do the “peace” sign.2345678I love this picture!9101112Point to the Moon!131415161718The Pictures...

i heart faces

It’s Week 25 atThis week’s theme is “Celebrating Teens.”Here is a picture I took (on self-timer) of me and my friends when we went to the mall back in December.Chrissy <><


Peter’s Butterflies are here! He loves watching them, and he “coos” all over them. He can even say:”Butr-fhiii!!!”(He’s saying “butterfly” in this picture)Chrissy <><

i heart faces

It’s Week 24 at  This week’s photo theme is “All About Babies.” Since my little brother isn’t a baby anymore (sniff), I decided to enter this picture that I took back in May. To see the rest of the pictures I took that day,...