5/29/2010 Photoshoot

I was able to go on a short-but-fun family photoshoot today! We were planning on staying longer, but due to dust, heat, and a not-so-happy toddler, we had to cut it short. Here are my favorite pictures of my favorite family. :)And the outtakes!  Happy Memorial...

Number Challenge

Here’s some more numbers. I still haven’t found that many nice or cute numbers (besides #11). I’m going to think of some more creative ideas and try to capture them.     And the next time I go sightseeing, I will be on the lookout for...

i heart faces

It’s Week 21 at This Week’s photo Challenge is “Yellow”. Here’s a picture I have of my nephew. I love this one! Chrissy <><

Number Challenge

I have a new Challenge!!!After learning my numbers in French from Rosetta Stone and seeing the pretty pictures they had with each number, I wanted to take a picture of every number up to a thousand!!!Well… maybe not THAT many, but at least until I get tired of...


I went to a party of sorts to celebrate…The class of 2010!!!Congratulations!!!Some of the pretty servers :)And my favorite picture:Chrissy <><
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