i heart faces

It’s Week 17 atThis week’s photo challenge theme is “Smiles.”I took this picture at the beach and I just love all that chocolate smeared over his face! :)Go to i heart faces to see more Smiling pictures!!Chrissy <><

Park and “Pop-i-cles!!!”

We went to the park, and I just had a blast snapping pictures! My niece was wearing a bright pink jacket that contrasted perfectly with the green grass and the grayness of the day.Oh Erik! :)I like this one a lot…Haha, I have no idea why she was making that...

i heart faces

It’s Week 16 atThis week’s photo challenge theme is: “Collages”Here’s my collage using my retro pictures I took a while ago.Go to i heart faces to check out more collages!Chrissy <><

4/18/2010 Photoshoot

Bonnie and Michael. I’ve known them since *forever*, and now they are both grown up and courting. I have always admired Bonnie for her honesty and purity, and I am so happy that she is courting a respectable and awesome guy like Michael. Congrats to you both!I...

Party and Beach!

We had a very busy but fun Saturday!She found her Daddy’s Woody… (It even has his own name on Woody’s foot!)Then we went to a basketball party.A wonderful team!The party also included rolling down a hill!And then we went to the…. BEACH!!!!Can...
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