a bit about me 



I capture life as it is – the vibrance, the smiles, the love

Eating ice cream comes close to the level of passion I have for photography, but not quite. There’s nothing that tops my love for photography, other than my love for my Savior. If I could, I’d be snapping photos of people 24/7.  Running around crowds of people during a wedding or chatting with a senior on his photo shoot are the perfect sources of energy and joy for this extrovert.  Seriously – I guarantee that you will see me hopping up and down out of pure happiness behind the camera during a shoot.  (Just ask any of the people I’ve taken pictures of before, they can back me up!)

If I had to describe my style of photography, I would pick Classic.


There are various photographers who go for a sultry or drastically edited style. As for me, I strive for timeless photos. I focus on capturing not only the best and most flattering angle of the subject, but also his or her genuine smile – the most beautiful accessory of a human being.  Besides, I have found that both my clients and I are the most satisfied when their joyful moments are sealed forever in a picture.

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite subject to capture is people. From the freckles to the dimples, the bumps and bruises to the emotion in people’s eyes – I love capturing it all. I started Captured! Photography in 2009 to preserve YOUR special moments and the memory of people who are dear to you.  As I continue traveling down the path of life, with my eyes wide open and my camera in my hand, I aim to continue my Photography career for years and years to come.

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